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Brockway Properties LLC.
Internship program



Brockway  Properties, LLC is a locally owned real estate management company which manages local residential real estate.  Brockway LLC. Properties, is entering its 14h year in business and is growing by adding 3 to 4 properties annually.

Our business model is simple, buy properties at the right price, create cash flow and build equity in our portfolio.  Our targeted real estate is duplexes, and single family homes.

Our goal is to provide the best off campus housing options available to local college students.   Our rental units are professionally managed and provide a save and economical alternative to on campus living.

Brockway Properties LLC. has established its footprint within JCU and ND colleges. However, it is just the beginning for the company.  Brockway Properties LLC., is looking to expand in 2013 to other colleges in the area.  The internship program implemented here, is to help further create the systems that will be implemented in colleges throughout the region.


Internship Program 

Brockway Properties LLC. is in its third year providing a well rounded, internship program  that encompasses all aspects of business such as, Sales and marketing, financing, and  income and balance sheet analysis.   Since this internship is designed around real estate management, our students will be exposed to the buying and selling real estate, along with exposure to banking and financing real estate deals such as short sales and foreclosures.  Since our business model is designed around college students, it would only make sense to design an internship around motivated students who are eager to build their resume’s.


Selling and marketing

Along with learning the real estate business, our interns will be responsible for helping Brockway Properties build its brand with JCU and ND students.  This will be done primarily by word of mouth to those seeking off campus housing and electronically through texting, emailing, tweeting (i.e.).