Tenant Testimonials

“My son is a student of Note Dame College. I was wary of letting my son live off

campus, but working with Brockway Properties LLC, has been a pleasant

experience. I am looking forward to working them in the future. I would defmitely

recommend them to future students and parents”.


– Claudette Mathews


“I am a student of Notre Dame College. We thought moving off campus would be

an easy task, but trying to find a house was difficult until we began working with

Brockway Properties and manager Michael Embrescia. They were extremely

helpful in the house search. When problems arise, the management of Brockway

Properties is prompt with their response.”


– Max Johnson


“Very good for the money – My son is living off campus for the first time and likes

this property a lot. 1. Somewhat close to campus–driving time approximately 15

mins. 2. Close to a lot of eating places-> Subway, Arby’s 3. Work orders carried

out right away. 4. Always fmd someone to assist with problems or landlord will do

his best to ensure the safety of the tenants. 5. Flexible with payment of Rent as long

as you notify him in advance if there is a problem–very straight forward.”


– Sherry Cox


“I am a student of John Carroll University, and a past renter of Brockway

Properties. The high ceilings and hardwood floors throughout the house are great.

The location is perfect and is close to the local mall and restaurants. We have high

regards for Brockway and its management team.”


– Patrick Higgins


Jeff Dunn, JCU student, (2012) and current renter

“I am a student of John Carroll University. “I would recommend renting from

Brockway Properties LLC. The Manager, Michael. and his staff are hands on and

always available. We are very happy that we rented with Brockway Properties”


– Jeff Dunn


“I am a current student at John Carroll University, Majoring in fmance and an

intern with Brockway LLC. I have interests in property management and I am

proud to learn and work with an organization like Brockway Properties LLC.

Their ethical approach and professional management is what I have been looking

for as a good addition to my resume. Knowing Brockway Properties LLC. from the

inside perspective, I would recommend them highly if you are seeking off campus



– Dan Olson